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DRC Liason Meeting 1 - OMIGOD

Originally posted here, the below picture literally made me shed a tear of joy. Eder Delin. Oh. My. Freakin. God.


I don't personally like tacos very much, but this movie is hilarious. Thank you once again, YouTube!


My Tablet and The Gimp

Ok, this is really annoying me. Remember that tablet I got for my birthday? Well, it's annoying the crap out of me. I can't use it in The Gimp! It simply is not working. I can use it in any program, but then when I open up The Gimp it freezes up and the pen will only respond in Flash. Oy. I want to start drawing my comic, but my tablet isn't working!

I sent a query to Adesso help support, but the response was that it has never been tested with The Gimp, and if it isn't working it simply isn't compatible. That really pisses me off.

The wierd part is, if I go to the 'Input Devices' dialouge in The Gimp, the stylus is listed there. There's the mouse and the stylus, with a little arrow next to the mouse. If I can figure out how to switch it to the stylus, I can use it. But I don't know how to do that. Anyone have a clue?


Parade of Goodnessosity

Well, today has had a few advances on the good front. Here's what happened that was good, in chronological order:

  • I got on High Honors in school. This means all of my grades this term were in the A range (A-, A, or A+), and that my effort and behavior grades were 1's (4 is the worst, 1 is the best).

  • A month ago, I took part in the National French Exam, a French comprehension test taken all over the country. Well today I got my score back, and I ranked 8th. In the country. I AM #8 IN THE WHOLE FRICKEN COUNTRY!

  • My friend TikiMatt got his name and a link on the front page of Docking Bay 101, one of the best Star Wars fan sites on the internet. Woot!

So yeah, great day. :D


Roosevelt and Polio

In today's This Day in History section in the Globe:

Sadly, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (who was afflicted, as you probably know, with polio) died exactly 10 years before the cure for polio was announced.


Installing a New Drive

Ok I'm fed up with having only 40gb of storage space on my computer. I am constantly in a struggle to get space, and a "victory" is if I get 6gb. I haven't seen 10gb of nothing on this computer for months. So now I'm going to install a new hard drive.

I have a drive lying around from my first server, Tomato 1. I got an extra IDE cable to put it in the computer. I'm all set to go, except for one thing that keeps bothering me. The Ubuntu and Uru server installed on that hard drive. I'm worried that it will do something to my hard drive already installed here, and that I won't have my precious data anymore. :(

So here's what I'm doing. I'm first backing up everything important (My Documents. :P) on a DVD. Then I'm gonna install the drive and pray. Wish me luck!


This Page in IE

I just had the idea to check out this page in IE (6), and I must looks like crap. For one thing, the .png files don't work. They aren't transparent. For another thing, where's my sidebar?! Oh yeah, that's right. Down at the bottom where I wanted it. Wait- Oh that's right, it's not supposed to be at the bottom. IT'S A FRIGGEN SIDEBAR.
The Internet Explorer Homepage.
The way that banner should look.

Update: While the page looks better in IE 7, most of the sidebar is still at the bottom. Congratulations on getting png transparency working, Microsoft! Also, the Opera-style page zoom is cool, but you can't remove the menu bar from a Windows app. It's a tradition that doesn't need to be broken.


The Right Band was wrong

Bush was right? Yeah, not so much. The Right Band was wrong.

Firefox Rant

Ok I know I'm usually "GO FIREFOX" and the like, but lately I just don't know. Firefox has been going downhill for me since 1.5 was officially released. Since then, I've had to create 3 new accounts on account of the current one failing. First, Firefox simply wouldn't open, and when it did it refused to load pages, and menus were entirely black, no text.

So I started a new account. That account worked fine until it started problems with updates. When I clicked a link from any app. other than Firefox, it would load a blank page with the green update logo up in the corner. When I clicked this, it said that there were no updates and returned me to the blank page with the update logo. By manually opening Firefox, it ran the updater and reported that there were no updates, then dropped me at the 'Firefox is updated, don't worry cuz u'll never see this page again' page, which is obviously bull since I saw that page every time I opened Firefox. So I tried disabling updates, which only made it worse because then I would always get a blank page with the update logo, but when I clicked it it said "updates have been disabled" and the menus wouldn't work.

So I started a new account. This one has been working well until today. I load up firefox, and lo and behold: my theme and extensions are not there. I opened the menus to check, and they were still there; but none of them were actually doing anything. I'm typing this on a default Firefox. No extensions, no theme.

I must say, Firefox has let me down too many times, and I'm actually considering switching browsers. Does anyone know how to fix the problem I'm currently having in Firefox, or does any one have a suggestion for another browser? I have Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, AOL *shudder* (which I can't use anyway), and the evil blue e. Don't worry, I'm not switching to IE. I don't like Firefox but I don't intend on killing my computer. And don't tell me about IE 7, because its worse than 6. No menu bar. No thanks.

Update: I followed Kevin's advice, and now Firefox works perfectly! Thanks, Kevin! :)